Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The police just came knocking on my door

All of a sudden a couple of police cars pull up outside my car, they quickly talk to each other and then walk up to my house. Since I have nothing to hide (well, almost nothing) I open the door curious to know what is going on (I am very nosy).

Turns out someone had called the police and reported (I think) that they had witnessed something happening to a man (I am leaning towards car accident since the police officer nodded his head towards the main road when he said "witnessing blah blah... man.. blah blah.") I had a little hard time hearing him with two barking dogs. I guess they thought I might have called. But no; I did not see anything or call anyone. So a little excitement after lunch. Hope nobody was hurt!

Oh... and we officially have a new President! It was very interesting (and still is) to watch the complete TV coverage. They estimate around 2 million people made their way in the cold to be present at this historic event. And what a speech he gave, he touched most of the points of interest I am concerned with, and I feel very confident in him.

The TV channel that I was watching (NBC) said they had placed cameras and microphones all around the super organized crowd, so we could catch people's reactions. You can tell the security and planning for this event must have been immense. I sure hope he will have better luck then JFK. Please, let him be! We need him!

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Lotte Jensen said...

jag såg delar av installationen. Ett magnifikt skådespel. En verkligt historisk dag! garttis till er!