Monday, January 12, 2009

Fort DeSoto Park in Pinellas County

Yesterday we spent all day at the Fort DeSoto National Park. It is located in Tierra Verde (St Petersburg), and has a little bit for everyone.

Boy did we all get a lot of exercise! We walked a total of 3 hours, and in between we played at the off leash dog park and beach, and had a great water front picnic as well as went hunting for sea creatures and explored the old fort. A great day!

A walk on the dog beach, where all dogs can run free. It doesn't hurt that the beach is part of North Beach, which was voted the best US beach in 2008!

A walk on one of the any trails

We found a very nice, tucked a way nature trail that was looong but interesting

You just can't beat the view from our picnic table!

We were all hungry after all that walking

One of the sea creatures we found, a baby Horseshoe Crab. It is not really a crab despite the name, it is actually a relative to the ancient trilobite.

This guy was super fast as soon as you put him down, so I had a hard time getting a picture of his shell.
Sarah, the dogs and I check out one of the many cannons at the fort. You can also climb the steep stairs and get on top of the fort, and the view from up there was wonderful.

Now, the start of a super busy work week. Take care!


Saltistjejen said...

MEEEEEN vilka underbara bilder!!!!!!!
Ni verkar haft en superdag!
Och med minusgrader här så är jag rätt avis på ert klimat också! :-)

Anonymous said...

Låter som något jag vill se nästa gång jag kommer över... men då får jag kanske försöka komma på den kallare delen av året. kan bli väl jobbigt med 30-40 grader värme i så många timmar...
Take care.