Tuesday, January 19, 2010

House update

It seems the sellers might back out of the sale - apparently the bank would require them to still pay them the difference between what they owe and what the short sale brings in.

Up and down. On and off. That is the nature of this house buying business it seems!

I think since Ken is going into tax season and will be super busy until at least the end of March, we will hold off on putting any bids on any other houses. It does require a lot of time and effort, and we just won't have that the next few months.

I am pissed, but I am also a realist - no big deal. There will be a new house at the end of this process, just wished it wasn't so frustrating trying to get there!

At least this means we can hold off on the loan application a bit longer and get it taken care off before bidding on another house, so that is good. Sigh. "Den som väntar på något gott..." ;-)

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