Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prep work

I have been going through stuff to see what I want to get rid off before we move. The move might not happen until February, but it can't hurt starting to get ready a bit.

Lots of stuff will be donated to Goodwill, but I have some nice stuff sitting around that I just don't use very often. Plus I needed to sell Sarah's old bike and our kitchen table and chairs.

I put some larger items up for sale on Craigslist (kind of like Sweden's Blocket). Within 30 minutes someone had been here, bought the kitchen table and hauled it off! Ken is really sad to see the table go, but it is made out of oak and has more of a country feel to it. Not my style at all, and it will definitely look out of place after we move. Here at least we have oak cabinets to match...

So now I have a big empty dining area in the kitchen, perfect for stacking boxes when we start packing things. I was out and about yesterday and happened to see that the kitchen table I am getting later for the new house was 50 % off! It would be foolish not to get it now, so when Ken gets back from the office we will go up and get it. I can get the chairs later on, since they were not on sale. The new table is a beautiful chocolate espresso color, just what I want! It is a sk pub height, a bit taller than regular table, with taller chairs. It is from the same series as the formal dining room set I have picked out for our new dining room so they match perfectly.

But I will get the dining room table, 6 dining room chairs and a buffet table later on. We won't use the dining room that much, but a regular kitchen table is of course something we would need (but we have a tendency to eat dinner in front of the TV...)

Here is the old kitchen table and the new kitchen table, even if it is kind of hard to see the new table in the picture, it can actually seat 6 chairs when the extension leaf is in, it looks kind of square and small in this picture:

I just finished paying off HALF my debt in just 2 months, and I increased my credit score quite a bit. I can't believe I have been so disciplined doing this, especially with Christmas and all the tempting shopping! I saved a little cash to buy new things when we move, it is so much fun to decorate bathrooms and things like that, and we need a few other things as well.

We might hear from the bank this week, and Ken and I was thinking to do the mortgage application around mid January, hopefully everything will work out.... Very exciting!

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Anne said...

Jättesnyggt bord, det är precis i min smak också!
Hehe, skönt höra fler oftast äter framför tv:n och inte använder köksbordet...