Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday update

I actually ate real food last night, and except for really bad nausea it went great! This morning teh nasuea is better, not gone, but better.

I really hate to spend over $800 on a T-scan and a doctor's visit just to please my doctor, so after a lot of debating back and forth, I canceled both and said I will get back to them if it got worse.

Obviously the blockage is resolved for now, so I rather wait and see then spend a lot of money and time on further investigation of it at this time. If it comes back here soon, then I can do the test. That is just a lot of money, so I rather wait... Hopefully my energy will start coming back now when I can eat a little again!


Saltistjejen said...

Vad skönt! Hoppas du blir helt bra!!

mammigranten said...

Vad skönt att du mår bättre!
Nu håller vi tummarna att det går över helt!