Friday, June 22, 2007


This kid of mine is going to develop gills soon - we spent 3.5 hours at the pool - make that in the pool! When she was 2 she was completely fearless and would throw herself in the ocean, which made it very difficult to actual enjoy a day on the beach. When she was 3 she wouldn't even go near the water, and this year she started out very hesitant. She never ventured past the steps to the water where she can't reach the bottom, even though she is wearing enough flotation devices to prevent even the Titanic from sinking...

Today we finally had a breakthrough! Last time at the pool I took her against her will into the middle of the pool. She clung to me like a barnacle, even though I wouldn't have been able to sink her even if I wanted to... Today I did the same, but she was very relaxed and just causally rode my back when I swam. Then I was floating on an inflatable mattress, and she decided to tag along, floating at the side. Mind you, she is still wearing her arm floaties and a float ring around her waist... When we got to the deep end she let go of everything for a moment. Then did it again. She quickly realized that she wasn't going to sink to the bottom like a stone. In a few minutes she went from that to swimming all over the pool!

I am so happy for her, she really took a big step today, very brave!

Tomorrow she and I are going to a large mall for some gift shopping. I also need to stock up on my favourite dry skin remedy, Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter. My skin is really dry from being at the pool several times a week.
They also have a large indoor playground that S likes to visit. Then we might go to the pool again, but with daddy in tow (he hasn't made it to the pool yet this year).

On Sunday the plan is to get to the beach.

Take care!


JaCal said...

How great that she likes it now! Big step for a little girl!

Glad midsommar!

Rodrigo said...

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