Monday, June 25, 2007

Relaxed weekend

S and I started Saturday off by going shopping at a huge mall. We had luck, and all the stores we needed to visit had huge sales! I almost regret not getting more...

I am waiting for my friend A to have her second baby any day now. She was due on the 21st, but the baby has decided he/she is not ready to come out yet... This is the last gift I have to buy before the trip, but I don't know if it is a boy or girl yet! And since the mom to be really is hoping for girl and lots of pink, I want to wait and see and indulge her wish if it is a girl! I did get a few neutral things, but I know she is hoping for cute little dresses... She better have that baby soon ;-)!

Late Saturday afternoon all three of us went to the pool. It was in the shade by then, and the water was a lot warmer than the air (how that is possible when it is 90 degrees + outside!).

Sunday we spent a few hours on the beach. I had forgotten what an awesome thing it is to just float in the turquoise waters with all the glittering white sand underneath you. The water was warm and inviting to say the least!

We ended the day by having a BBQ; chili and lime marinated pork tenderloin with Swedish potato casserole (potatisgratäng) and a cool, crisp salad. Freshly baked brownies for dessert.

I am fighting S's cold, I have had a sore throat for days now. Hopefully that is it, she is still coughing up a storm, and she had a little eye redness coming back yesterday. Between steroids and Remicade, my immune system is compromised right now, it even says on the medication to "stay away from potentially contagious persons". But so far so good. Stomach wise I am worse off than in a long time...

After lunch S and I are planning to go to the pool. I have to wait until after lunch, because once we are there it is very difficult to get her to leave, so we better eat first!

I read in the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that a heat wave that has plagued Europe is slowly on its way to Sweden Fortunately it won't be as hot as in other parts of Europe thanks to the Baltic Sea, but after some needed precipitation the next few days, the hot weather is expected next week. But compared to what we have in Florida it will feel cool!

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