Thursday, February 5, 2009

The mystery of how a man's brain works...

Over night we have had one of Florida's coldest nights. It was freezing! It just now went up to over 0C, so cold!

The heat was on last night, but knowing Sarah and how she always kicks off her covers, I asked Ken to go into her room and put her blanket on her. He was very sleepy, but he did so.

As she usually does, around 1:30 AM she came into our room, but this night she was kicking a lot, so at 3 AM I carried her back to her room.

To my surprise I found something strange on her bed, trying to figure out what the heck it was and where it came from it dawned on me: Ken! Instead of using her blanket to tuck her in, he had grabbed her Swedish sheep skin from Gotland (not exactly clean I can imagine) from the floor, and placed that with the woolly side over her. It was a, eh, cute idea, but maybe not that great! Men...


Saltistjejen said...

Haha! Men det VAR verklgien en msint tanke där tycker jag! :-)
Ska ni få varmare snart igen? Här är det minsugrader nu men ska bli över 10 grader i helgen enligt prognosen.

Murveln funderar said...

Män är kreativa. Din make är ännu ett bevis på detta!
He,he, sicken snubbe!