Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sounds of an island

While I work I sit right next to a window, and I can hear all the sounds from out there. Someone is mowing their lawn, the wind rustles a few leaves, but most of all I can hear the sounds of the sea gulls.

And it sounds just like in Visby, Gotland... This time of year, before the intense summer heat, I could fool myself to being on my island, a day in June... At least it SOUNDS the same!

If I could just smell the warm, newly painted tar on an old fishing shack door... Feel the cold of a sandstone to sit on, tasting the flower of the cowslip (gullviva, and yes, you CAN eat the flowers), seeing the wood louses (gråsugga) scurrying around.

Then I would truly feel I was back on my island... Gotland. But at least I have the sound of the seagulls!


Taina said...

Vad vackert skrivet. Kunde leva mig in hur det är att vara på Gotland. Tyvärr har det bara blivit ett besök där. Underbart ställe!
Ha en bra dag...önskar jag hade lika ljuvlig utsikt (eller "hörsikt") från min arbetsplats ;)

Ewa said...

Hemlängtan kanske
Just nu är det svinkallt och ingen som inte måste går väl ut.
I alla fall inte jag. Jag är en glad pensionär.

Kramar till tusen