Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yard work = DONE

My hands are shaking from all the vibrations, I am sweaty and dirty, but I am also done!

It took a lot longer than I thought. First I used the leaf sucker thingy to suck up leaves in areas where I can't reach with the mower. Then I mowed the entire lawn with the collection attachment (HEAVY to empty in between!), and then I used the edging tool to edge along the lawn (kantskärning). And then I used the leaf blower to clean up any cuttings on the side walks.

After I take a shower Sarah and I are going out for lunch, then off to the research center and probably a garden center or two as well.

Last night Sarah, Ken and I played Mario Kart on our Wii like crazy, I would have to say that is THE favorite in our house, so much fun! Can't wait until sister Carina get hers (wait listed in Sweden!), then we can play against each other over WiFi, fun!

Now I feel great! What an exercise!!! If anyone wants you to join a gym, just get a non-self pulling mower (icke självgående) and you have excellent cardio and strength training in one!

Now off to the shower...

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