Friday, January 27, 2012


Sarah's best friend is in the Girl Scouts. Not only that, her friend's mom is the scout troop leader.

Sarah knows most of the girls from the troop, and she was asked if she wanted to join. Before she was always against it, but now when she knows the people involved a little, she is very excited.

So today she became an official member of the Girl Scouts of America, sub chapter Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida.

Next meeting will not be until 2 weeks from now, since they just had one last night. They get involved on a lot of community events, which I think is great. Things like volunteering at animal shelters and cleaning the beach.

And of course they sell cookies to raise money. Last year they got over $1,000 that they can do whatever fun stuff they want with.

It has been a very hectic work day, and I am starving. Waiting for Ken to get home so I can take him out for dinner.

Let the weekend start!

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