Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hired one!

A cleaning service that is... I went with an actual company instead of a private person, even though it cost a little more, since they are insured and bonded in case something happens...

The first cleaning will be next Friday (the 19th), and it will be a Deep Clean, or a so called Spring Clean, which means they will spend an entire day cleaning really good. After that it will be a regular cleaning of 3.5-4 hours per time. I figured it would be good paying (a lot) extra for a deep clean the first time, since they clean stuff I normally do not bother with.

I chose Fridays because I really like the idea of starting the weekend off on a clean and fresh slate! Great too in case we have people over, since that usually is on Fridays or Saturdays.

I will provide most of my own cleaning supplies, which I like, since I know the stuff will be environmentally friendly and smell OK. But they have some really good stuff they will bring like for instance a stainless steel cleaner for the appliances that apparently kicks ass.

The actually lady that is assigned for us was matched based on our personality, and she is also a dog lover, which is a must since Bob & Stan will be here.

So I feel pretty good about my decision, very exciting!

I also went to the cardiologist, but until further testing is done (will do that on the 25th), it can be a lot of things. Most likely it is some kind of lupus related inflammation they think, but they want to rule out problems with the valves first, since that can be a problem with lupus sometimes... I will keep you updated.

Now I better go and check on dinner, fish with quinoa mix and green beans...


Malin said...

Vad bra att du har bokat en städfirma! Skönt också att få ordentligt städat första gången!

Marianne said...

BRA att du har gjort slag i saken! Hoppas nu att det funkar bra och att du blir nöjd. Men kom ihåg att säga till hur du vill ha det, redan från början. Det blir mycket enklare då. Och om du inte blir nöjd med just den damen, så be att få en annan.

Och om det är någonting under resans gång kan man lätt köra med "Oh, I forgot to tell you ..." så behöver det inte kännas som en anklagelse osv om du behöver säga till om någonting.

Jag håller tummarna för hjärtat!!!