Friday, May 4, 2007

Almost party time!

I was up to 2 AM last night watching TV, darn 2 hour Grey's special! I tried to sleep in a bit to 9:30 AM this morning, but there is so much to do. I was having some problems with the Internet connection as well, very frustrating. Finally I was done with some work I had to do, and for some reason I thought it was 8:30 AM. It was almost 11:30 AM! A bit of a chock! We went to do some errands, some fruit and veggies for the party tomorrow, get a prescription at the pharmacy and to drop of some donations at Goodwill.

The afternoon is going to be brutal since I have been slacking so much! I figured I would start with the baking since that will leave a mess, then clean the kitchen and the bathrooms. After that it is pretty much just cleaning the tile floors left and do some prep decorating for tomorrow.

Oh, I am so excited! My sister just got a blog! Cool!

Well, better get going. This is what happens when you haven't cleaned your house thoroughly for a while, a lot to do! Plus I want her party to be extra special, she is so excited about it. Can't wait for Gräddtårta!

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