Sunday, May 27, 2007

Playing Games

We often play board games together. S is now old enough to handle competitive board games. We don't let her win, she gotta do it herself. She didn't take loosing too well in the beginning, but now she is a much more graceful looser. Last night we played Memory, which is great for mom and dad's poor brains. We also played this Princess game, where you are suppose to collect a full set of princess jewelry to win.

Daddy won, and he was very pretty in his earrings, necklace, bracelet and crown, as you can see below. OK, he will kill me now ;-)!

We just spent the morning doing chores. I figured the best way to tackle things was to jump out of bed and get going right away. It is not even noon and I managed to cook huge American breakfast (no lunch today), do 4 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, fill up the dishwasher, clean the living room, fold laundry and hang it all away. K change the oil in my car and mowed the yard, and he is now in the garage trying to organize a few large items (he just now put the Christmas tree in its box!)

After a quick shower we will go to that old fashioned outdoor Ice Cream Social I mentioned before. Then we need to go by Publix to get groceries. We are planning on doing a simple BBQ today and then a little bit more elaborate tomorrow. This evening we might grab S's bike and go to the Heritage Harbour Park for a long leisurely walk around the bog lake again. She never really shows much interest in biking, tricycle or regular, so she needs some practice. I practically lived on my bikes when I was a kid!

Even though the beaches will probably be crowded tomorrow, it being Memorial Day and all, we will probably make our way out to Anna Maria Island or Longboat Key.

I found a great recipe for Key Lime Pie with meringue topping, so I will bake that this afternoon. We might have enough key limes on our three for it. Otherwise I will buy a bag. Key limes are quite different than regular limes, They are much smaller and have a sweeter taste. Home made key lime pie taste so much better than store bought, they can't even compare! They do require at least 4 hours in the fridge before serving, so I have to make it today if we want it tomorrow...

Better go for now. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Anne-Marie said...

Well, you have been very busy. I am impressed. I remember that I played "Monopoly" with my parents (I am only child) and I was not very good at losing. Did not want to pay the fees for hotels at the more expensive lots. When I visited a friend in Florida a few years ago we drove out the Florida Keys and had a wonderful key lime pie. I really liked the taste of it. Have a great weekend.

Annika said...

Board games are the best! Now when K is almost 11 we usaully play bord games every weekend, and sometimes during the week as well. Love those Cranium games!
I do remember playing "Pretty, pretty princess" and "Candy Land"--cute!!
Looks like you guys had loads of fun...Have a good rest of the (busy) weekend!

Monica said...

Hehe, sounds lilke these boardgames is something I will playing soon with my 2 little ones. I actually love all sorts of games, so I am looking forward to it...

Desiree said...

Vilken jättesöt dotter du har. Spel är kul. Key Lime pie är hur mumsigt som helst.