Saturday, May 12, 2007


My Saturday is suppose to be about laundry - but I am really not in the mood. The husband is at work trying to catch up a bit - he will be home at 3:30 PM.

Our plans are to go to this yummy Mexican restaurant called Mexicali - as you can tell by the name it is a bit of a fusion place with a Californian take on Mexican food. Either way they have the best freshly made salsa! I can eat just that and be happy! it is also a very nice atmosphere there with cool things on the walls for S to check out and a relaxing wall size water fall. They are also one of the very few Mexican style restaurants that have a kids menu with food S will actually eat...

After we have stuffed ourselves we are going bowling. This is not something we do often. In fact, this will be the third or fourth time we go since I moved here 10 years ago! We went a few months ago with S ad she really liked it. The smoke haze is still bothersome, so we figured this would be a great indoor activity we could do.

S and I took the dogs and went to a nearby park yesterday. Except for a lone guy fishing we had the entire park to ourselves, nobody wanted to be outside in the smoke! We just had to get out and get some exercise, so we brazed the smoke. We went for a very long walk around a huge lake and then we played in and outside the very nice playground they have there. S's game is very simple: She is Snow white and the dogs and I are ghost monsters that have to chase her up and down the hill. Great exercise for everyone! After that our throats were all weird form breathing all the smoke, so we treated ourselves to some ice cream from McDonald's on the way home... Even the dogs got a lick, but Stan doesn't understand that he is just suppose to carefully lick; he takes a big chunk!

Oh well, we had a good time and hopefully will this afternoon as well. Hope you all will too this weekend! Tomorrow I hope the smoke will let us go to the beach!


Monica said...

Hehe, jag log när jag läste om er bowling. Ibland när jag och käre maken har date-night så drar vi först på middag och drar ner till den lokala bowlinghallen..romantiskt värre :)

Anne said...

Bowling är rätt underskattat, det är urkul bowla!
...och som Monica säger, det är inte alls dumt dra iväg på bowling om man har date-night med mannen... :)

Vilken fin dag för övrigt, lät väldigt mysigt och trevligt!

Annika said...

Bowling är jättekul!!! Synd att man är så dålig :-) Men roligt är det.
Restaurangen låter GOD!!! Dit skulle jag också vilja gå!

Desiree said...

Cool bakgrund du har på din blogg. Bowling är riktigt kul även om jag inte är speciellt bra på det. Mexikansk mat är mumsig. Ha en skön dag.