Saturday, May 19, 2007

Relaxing Saturday

Today was another relaxing day. S and I had a leisurely morning (K was at work), and then we took the dogs to the park and had some fun and took a nice walk. Bob loves water (except bath water) and decided to get in the lake. I normally keep him away from any lakes or ponds since they all pretty much have gators in them, but this particular spot had a clear view of the water and what was in it, so I let him enjoy a little swim. The look on his face when he realized it was really deep was priceless, but he swam like a champ to shore. He got a refreshing dip all the way up to his ears! S and I had brought Slurpees (if you ever need to cool off, this is the perfect drink, just head over to 7Eleven for one, my favorite is Coke), so we managed to stay cool as well in the 90 degree heat.

After that we went home and met up with K, and all of us went over to a place called Bangkok Tokyo. I love that place, the owner is really nice and the food delicious. They have food from China, Thailand and Japan, so there are a lot to choose from.

Then we headed over to the movie theater were we saw the new flick from DreamWorks, Shrek the Third. It was pretty good, very well made. It is amazing how far computer animation has come, the sharp details are really good, textures have really improved. The only thing that still might lack a bit is the characters motion, not as fluent as in real life. But it is wizardry what they can accomplish nowadays!

One thing about the movie theater that really bugs me (except for the 20 minutes of previews before the actual feature presentation begins) is the seats. This is a fairly new theater with state of the art DLP digital screenings. Everything is very nice and pretty. But as soon as you sit down you get the smell of human ... something... yucky smell in your nose. I know everyone's hygiene is not up to snuff, and if you start calculating you can imagine how many people have actually sat in your chair before you. But I am wearing shorts and I really don't want to think about what could be on the seat. I am thinking about bringing some fabric freshener to spray on the seat next time. It's disgusting!

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