Friday, May 25, 2007

New pet?

S and I had a fun day today. We visited PetSmart and had a cool lunch at The Olive Garden. Cool I say because when we arrived their fire alarm had accidentally gone off, and we had to wait for the fire fighters to come and turn it off. It was quite a sight! Those fire fighters sure keep in shape... As Anne-Marie got to experience as well this week... I love Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana! My dear husband hates the place, he thinks it is too "girly", which I really don't see at all... so I usually go there with a friend or S and enjoy their endless "soup, salad and bread sticks" special once in a while.

For more than six months we have contemplated getting a guinea pig now. Since all the equipment will be kind of expensive we might wait until Christmas and get it for S as a gift then.
We have been talking about guinea pigs a lot lately, in fact, S have been a bit obsessed about them. So today she and I went to PetSmart to check out the little guys and look at equipment and such. I have in mind adopting one that needs a home rather than buying one from a store, but it doesn't hurt looking at them. S have actually never seen one in real life, and I think she was a bit surprised how big they can actually get! We marveled at the different sizes, coats and colors. A guinea pig can live to be about 8 years old, so this decision is not to be taken lightly.

S is only 4, so I am sure I will be the main caregiver for some time. I don't mind, I love animals and is probably as excited as she is! She has been very good lately. I will tell her "Feed the dogs!" and she will go out in the garage, get the huge bag of dog food, measure out the exact amount of food they need, close the bag back up and then put it back out in the garage.

She can't reach the kitchen faucet, but she will give them water too if I help her. She is showing a genuine interest in caring for them I think.

I ordered some books on guinea pig care from eBay (the exact same book they wanted $12.99 for at PetSmart was $1.50 on eBay!), but if any of you have any tips on guinea pigs, please let me know!


Annika said...

Olive Garden...I love the bread and the salad there. LOVE IT!! I have never tried the soup, but thnaks to you I will definetly give it a try!

Good luck with your new little pet :-)

Annika said...

Or, Pet-to-be, I mean...

Anne-Marie said...

How great that your daughter is taking care of your animals so early on. I am sure she will be (probably already is) a wonderful "animal person." Have no knowledge at all about guinea pigs. Did not even know that you could buy them. Interesting choice of pet.

S w e F l o said...

Guine pigs are pretty common in Sweden I think (marsvin). My sister used to have them, so I am awaiting her advice. I like guinea pigs over hamsters since they are awake during they day, versus the hamster which is nocturnal and can make a racket when you are trying to sleep, running around in that hamster wheel (talking from own experience..) ;-)

Anne-Marie said...

My mistake - I did not even think about that guinea pigs were marsvin. Today's "blooper."