Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disney World

Goofy (Långben)

Chip or Dale (Puff eller Piff)

Donald Duck (Kalle Anka)

Cinderella and her prince (Askungen och hennes prins)

We had a good day in the Magic Kingdom. We got there just as they opened at 9 AM, and we were told this day was a short day with them closing at 7 PM, so hopefully this would mean it would be less crowded. We did actually not have to wait too long at any of the rides, and the few that were up to an hour wait for we just got a FastPass, so we could come back later and bypass the long line.

S and I goofing around

S and I meet Mickey Mouse (Musse Pigg)
Since we already visited several times previously with S we concentrated on having fun and going on the rides she would like the most, less stress that way. Of all the Disney World parks the Mgic Kingdom is by far the best. The weather was perfect at around 75 degrees and a bit overcast. That is usually my biggest gripe, the heat!

We ended the day with Splash Mountain, S's first time. We all got pretty wet, but K was soaked! We had a looong day of fun. Got home at 8:30 PM.

K and S in Adventureland otside the Magic Carpet ride


Annika said...

So nice!!! Love WDW!!! Looking forward to out next visit already!
Yes, Magic Kingdom is Magic! I like Epcot a lot too.
How often do you guys go to DW?
Nice pics!!

S w e F l o said...

My husband who is 41, has live din Florida since he was 5, and his parents use to take him every so often. Before S we only really visited twice over 6 years, but when she got to be a toddler it becomes this whole new place of magic. It is a different ball park looking though a kid's eyes! It helps, of course, living so close by too! Last year we did a three day pass, which we just used up the last day on. We also went to MGM and teh Magic Kingdom once before that, and before S was born we also viisted the Animal Kingdom, but I wouln't waste my money on that again. Oft for Busch gardens in Tampa instead! Beautiful animal park plus lots of rides too!