Monday, April 16, 2007

eBay Crazy

My doctor told me to stop the new medication and see how it goes. As it is it never really did any good, but my face is still in pain, so I don't know... I am very excited about Wednesday, I am then seeing my gastro doctor again, and he told me 3 weeks ago that if I felt like I was improving he would start going down in dose on the steroids! I can't wait for that! My belly is so bloated form it, it is very uncomfortable, and I can tell my face is starting to swell up a lot too. i haven't gained that many pounds, but I can feel the effects for sure. I can't wait to get that stuff out of my system, but he said to count on being on it for a few more months, so...

I went a little eBay crazy today... I have been bidding on spring dresses, place mats, luggage, you name it. Once in a while it is thrilling to hunt down bargains and get a good deal.

Some of the items I am bidding on...

Suitcase from Samsonite

Dress from GAP

Balloon from Disney Princess
I just won 12 auctions from a lady selling Disney Princess items; all but one won at $0.01. She gave me a combined shipping discount as well, so S will be very happy indeed! Most of it was different party favours, her party at home will have a total of 5 kids, including herself, but one is only a little baby, so there will be 4 goody bags to be made up. S is very excited about all aspects of planning this party, and she sure knows what she likes! She is quite funny! I figured I would let her get most of the things she likes, but it sure doesn't hurt getting the items at a real cheap price!

I decided to make the birthday cake myself. I was able to find the exact cake toppers that are on the cake S had picked out at the store (for $40). I don't like the American version with all that frosting, I prefer a traditional Swedish "gräddtårta", with fresh fruit and almond vanilla cream in between layers, "frosted" with whipped cream. I made that for her first birthday party, and all attending Americans was wondering what it was, they had never tasted something like it before.

It is getting close to midnight so I better get to bed...

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