Thursday, April 5, 2007

Easter Plans

It is tough making any plans for doing anything this weekend since K is so busy with taxes still.

But we managed to come up with some family time amidst the craziness. On Saturday we will start the day off with a nice breakfast out somewhere, preferable on the beach, but it might be too far to drive since we need to be at The GT Bray Park's Annual Egg Hunt at 9 AM.
The Easter Bunny arrives on a Pirate Ship and they throw beads to all the kids, it is part of the Desoto Heritage Festival.

The Easter Bunny arrives!
On Sunday we have reservations at the Stoneybrook Golf Club in Heritage Harbour. They usually have a really nice holiday buffet, and it kind of feels like going to a Swedish smörgåsbord, except no "sill" of course. They are casual and relaxed, but still nice enough that you want to dress up a bit. It will be a very early "dinner" since the 1 and 3 PM sittings were full, so we will get there at 11 AM. More a brunch for us, but that works too! They do a really nice Easter ham carving station.

After that we are heading over to K's office since he has to work, and I have arranged for a surprise egg hunt for S. Since nobody is there on the weekends except us, we have all the grounds to our selves. I got a bunch of eggs that have little toys and activities from the Disney Princesses, she will flip over that! My plan is to sneak out when she doesn't look, hide all the eggs outside, then go back in and tell her I think I saw the Easter Bunny outside, and we better go out and see what he is up to! Then we will "discover" the first egg, and she can hunt for the rest. This age is so great, they get super excited about stuff, and their imagination is soaring. So cute! After we are done there will magically be an Easter basket waiting for her inside that I made, that the Easter Bunny dropped off before he left... She is going to love it!

S's Easter Basket

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