Friday, April 20, 2007

Lovely Husband

My dear husband just called. He is on his way home from the Tampa-area where he has a client he does consulting for on Fridays sometimes. I am just happy he is on his way home at 4:30 PM, but he also informed me he is taking us down to the beach for a long walk and a nice sunset dinner! Love him!


Veronika said...


Later underbart! Speciellt att ga en promenad langst stranden.Saknar havet da jag bor i borjan pa bergskedjan Sierrra Nevada i Kalifornien.Men vi har en del sjoar som tur ar.

Victoria said...

Åååh. vad mysigt det låter!

S w e F l o said...

We actually ended up with champagne, they have a sunset contest every night, and when we went there in January we won! So we cashed in our voucher and had the bubbly today. Well, for me it was just a few sips since I had to drive home, but K got a bit drunk. Kind of funny!