Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yes, we have limes!

Last year we had a terribly dry spring, in fact, I have never seen all the lakes in the area so empty. This affected a lot of plants as well, especially our Key Lime tree, which didn't develop one single fruit... This year it seems we have better luck, I saw a couple of juicy limes on the branches!

Our Key Lime Tree
We have had two days of non stop rain, so hopefully that will help. We really needed that! You can almost see the steam rising from the saturated ground today, now when the temperature is back up.

The yard is getting greener for every day it seems, the Oleander is almost done blooming, and the Australian bottle brush seems to be on the verge of its last blooms as well. The only thing I haven't seen yet is bananas, they usually start popping out around this time. They are very delicious!

Australian Bottle Brush Tree in the back of the house

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