Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

What a nice day today have been! We started out by sleeping in - an extremely rare event for K! All was still until 9:30 AM. I just laid quietly in bed and listen to husband, daughter and dogs snoozing away... Quite nice actually!

After that we got ready for our Easter lunch, S looked like she was a spring vision in a cute pink and yellow linen like dress from GAP. It warmed up nicely and the sun shone brightly!

We had a nice meal, feasting on Easter ham and prime rib. S, the super picky eater she is, only ate bread and pumpkin pie, but that was to be expected I guess.

After that we drove around looking at the new houses that have been popping up lately.

A quick stop at home to change into something more comfortable, then we took the dogs and went over to the office.

S had her little egg hunt outside and got her Easter basket, and K and I both worked. We went for a few walks and had a small dinner before heading home for the day. K is soo tired he just couldn't work anymore. He just needed a night on the couch, even though he really has a lot to do.

I have to call S's pediatrician first thing tomorrow, she definitely has a urinary tract infection, the poor thing. I was wondering starting on Friday what was up when she all of a sudden had to pee frequently and didn't make it half the time. It became very clear yesterday what was going on, so I got her some diaper pants so she don't have to feel so bad, and also loaded her up with cranberry juice, which is suppose to help a bit. But I have a feeling she will need antibiotics for this one. So I guess it will be a day of doctors visits tomorrow, since I need to see mine too.

Those beta blockers they gave me are really making me feel weird, and I swear they are making my heart jump once in a while, a very uncomfortable feeling. This entire head thing has freaked me out so much I am almost not thinking about it, since it just is so scary. But it is hard not to, since it tends to take over. Scary.

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Annika said...

What a nice Easter Sunday!!! Sounds like you guys had a perfect day.
Your daughter sounds like my dauthter when it comes to picky eating. Not much one can do about it, I am afraid.

Hope all goes well today!