Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Unwelcome side effetcs

I really hate steroids! I forgot all the nasty side effects that usually comes with it...

I can't remember when I ever took this high dose before, so I shouldn't be surprised. But it happened. I got a yeast infection. And I am not talking about a regular old fashioned yeast infection. Steroids knocks out the whole body, and it is in the skin, colon and other places. It hurts!

Since I often get this type of infection due to all the steroids, I already had the medicine at home, waiting for me. It is a little pill you take that take 24 hours before it starts working. And usually several days before you feel any relief. Nasty, nasty... And last night that head pressure thing was pulsating so bad I just couldn't fall asleep for hours. So uncomfortable!

I also have started to get major bruising all over my legs, not a pretty sight. And I always worry about the 50 % increased chance of a stroke, especially since I already had several blood clots. The side effects are many with Prednisone, especially on 40 mg.

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