Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't want to leave the bed

I had to force myself out of bed this morning, I have to get out and drop some things off for K and then go by Target and get a few things for the parade party tomorrow. Not everyday shopping sounds like a bad idea... I hate colds, they are not fun.

Yesterday I stayed in bed pretty much all day except for when I went up and had some cereal and watched Lost. I can't even remember when I slept that much!

However I feel tomorrow we decided it would not be a very good idea to go horseback riding in the heat AND go to the parade... So we rescheduled the horseback riding to Sunday at 2 PM.

At the parade I can at least sit down all the time if I want to. One of the things i am getting at Target is a camp chair, just for this purpose... We have one, but knowing S I know she would want one too, and I would end up standing. Last year I sat on a stone...

When the parade goes by most people stand and try to catch all the beads, trinkets and candy they throw, but I think K will have to help S this year. Darn cold!

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