Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doctor's appointment

Everything seems to be A OK, and I don't need to see the surgeon again unless there is a problem. It is pretty common to get pouchitis, an inflammation of the pouch, and obstructions, of course, which I already experienced a little bit of twice...

If I have an obstruction that is not clearing up in a few days I can call Dr S's office and they will put me directly in the hospital, so I don't need to go to the ER, that is good to know.

I am going to watch s Swedish Beck movie now. I only have one more, then I have watched all three seasons!


Tempus Fugit said...

That is so good.

I guess you have become crazy for the Beck-movies ... my fault I guess ;)

I can't blame you; it's really good movies

Min syster är "Beckefierad" :D

Desiree said...

Skönt att höra att allt gick bra och såg bra ut hos doktorn. Bra att du fick bukt med huvudvärken också. Njut av din Beckfilm.

JaCal said...

Bra att allt var bra! Jag har några Beck kvar fortfarande - kanske får bli en i kväll - tycker de är lagom långa .