Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy dog!

Stan just almost died... S had two leftover turkey meatballs, huge! Bob and Stan got one each, and Stan, the glutton he is, gulped his down without chewing. Needless to say it got stuck! He tried for a while to get it down, and when he realized it was stuck and that he couldn't breathe he starting crying this very eerie sound. I tried to Heimlich him, but how do you really give Heimlich to a skinny little dog? Eventually after we all had panicked around he must have gotten it down, for all of a sudden he started to sniff around looking for more food... crazy dog!

I bought some extra water and juice today, in my new quest to stay away from caffeine and sweeteners. I really miss Coca Cola, especially since our fridge is full of it...

Tomorrow S and I will go into K's office. I have two larger jobs to work on, and I figured I will have a better chance to get something done if all of us go to the office. The extra CPA will not be in, so I can use that computer. I just need to bring a few things from home. M is working tomorrow, but I don't know if she is bringing her daughter in or not. That would be great if she did, since S would have someone to play with. I am going to bring in the DVD player and her dollhouse so she can stay busy. K wants to go for a nice dinner on the beach tomorrow at sunset, but I heard it is going to be a bit chilly tomorrow, only a high of 70 (20). Plus he is so stressed, so it would be better to go someplace closer. We will see! Today it has rained like crazy, but we really needed that.

S and I had lunch at Dairy Queen, it was actually really cosy! After that we went grocery shopping at SweetBay, they have really good bread. I also got some healthy bread mixes for the bread machine (I love cooking, and I can bake cakes and such, but without the bread machine I would not have much luck in trying to make bread, I love that machine!)

I got a call from L, I guess she is finally back. She has been away for a while now. I guess she will be home until the 25th, so we should get a chance to hang out.

The jobs I have to do this weekend are both legal, something I really don't like to do, but I am strapped for cash, so... One is into English, a verdict, and the other is from an old client, an attorney here in Florida. That one is a Complaint and a Lis Pendens. He said he will have a Summons for me on Monday as well.

Well, S and I am going to take a shower now. We had an early dinner since K stopped by at 5 PM (shrimp, pasta shells, broccoli and cauliflower in lemon sauce).

Take care!

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