Friday, March 9, 2007



I have attempted blogging here and there over the years, but I think I need a fresh start... So here it is!

I won't backtrack too much, I will just start from now and the blanks will be filled in along they way...

I am from Sweden, the island of Gotland to be more exact. I moved to Bradenton, Florida in August 1996. I was suppose to stay 9 months, but I stumbled on my now husband K and ended up going back to Sweden, getting a student VISA and coming back to Florida.

We got married on December 19, 1998. I guess it worked out pretty good between us! We had our daughter S on May 8, 2003. We also have the miniature pinschers Bob and Stan, born 2000.

We moved into our first house that we bought in April 2004.

OK, that is it for background for now...

Currently I am pissed off, tired and kind of depressed... I have been a sickly one for 20 years now (I am 33). I used to do pretty good, but the last 3 years I have been fighting to get back on track. I have lupus (SLE) and Crohn's, among other things. Crohn's is the thing that is messing with me rigth now. It has been hell. I have to run to the bathroom all the time, especially over night. I have no energy for anything. It sucks!

I just got a new gastro doctor, and he is doing a new colonoscopy on Thursday next week, then we will take it form there. He give sme a lot more confidence than the old one, so I hope he can step up to the plate for me. I have tried pretty much all treatments ove rthe years, but nothing seems to work anymore. very depressing!

S is almost 4 now, I really would like to be myself so I can have fun with her, she is such a good little girl! I do tend to have a very positive outlook on life, but this has really been trying on me.

I have also had a very hard time working (I am a translator and work in my own company from home).

The one thing that feels fun is that I have booked and payed for a trip for all of us thsi summer. We ar efinally going to Sweden! I haven't been back since summer of -98, and most my friends and family have not met K or S. it is going to be 17 days of fun!

Oh well.

Talk to you soon.

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