Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Easter Bunny is BIG!

S have never had a favorite lovey she takes to bed. In fact, she never wanted a binky, and she has never (except for the day she was born) drank from a bottle. I guess I was her lovey, nursing her all the time. I still sing her to bed every night. I don't think it is spoiling her, and I love the closeness. Anyway, she always picks the books we will read each night, as well as which stuffed animal goes with her (or sometimes rubbery lizard or gator). Tonight she insisted on bringin the Easter Bunny. He is a very large bunny a friend gave her for her first Easter. VERY large...

In fact, my brother in law also insist on bringing huge stuffed animals each Christmas. We don't have a big house, and these things are monsters! So far we have the Easter Bunny, a Bear and two Dogs. They are very nice quality, just HUGE! As you can see in the pictures, the Bunny might not be the best thing to snuggle with... and after a few minutes she quietly informed me he was too big... Bless her heart!

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daverichards said...

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