Tuesday, March 27, 2007


S is home sick today. She seems fine, but she was very hot around 5 AM this morning, so I think she better stay home.

I had a bowl of granola with apple sauce and milk this morning, it is sitting like a lump in my stomach. For some reason it was a little too much.

I heard form my very good friend in Australia today. It is so weird they are going towards winter now, when we can smell summer around the corner!

I got another book yesterday, so maybe I will just read today. I don't have any work I have to do, just small stuff that can wait. I should do a few loads of laundry as well, so it won't pile up on me. I should be happy now when I have a wonderful washer and dryer. I guess it doesn't matter how easy access you have, it still kind of sucks... At least I don't have to drive to the laundro-mat anymore and endure hours in a sweltering hot place... I am spoiled.

I just discovered the fun of following other blogs. Some are in similar situations like myself, Swedes living away from home. It is amazing how many similar things you go through. Very interesting.

This blog has always been intended as my own place to get some thoughts out, I never considered it something anyone else might read. So if you do; I have a tendency to write details that might irk you. Just so you know :-)!

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Annika said...

Det är OK...
Jag läste om din sjukdom lite längre ner här---jobbigt, jobbigt. Har en svägerska som har UC också. VET hur hon lider när hon har sina skov.
Ja, visst är det kul att följa andra sverige-bloggar i USA...