Friday, March 23, 2007

Just after lunch...

Went up to Basil's Flame broiled Chicken for a chicken salad-in-pita bread-sandwich. They are a fast food place, but all the food is grilled, so much healthier. It is just around the corner, and when I want something in a pinch they are great. Maybe not the best menu, but at least healthy...

Well, I guess the house is as clean as I can get it rigth now. What really ruin things is the disgusting carpet... I have been waiting for years now to have the entire house tiled, but Ken always comes up with an excuse. Usually the $7,000 price tag... But it has to be done, the sooner the better. And he knows that.

It all started when I spent a few weeks in the hospital 2005. The dogs are used to having me here all the time, taking them out for regular walks. Well, when I was away they were left at home alone for very long hours. They just couldn't hold it that long,and they peed on a few spots near the back sliding doors. And since dog piss is virtually impossible to get out of the carpet and carpet pad, it has a nice, lingering aroma. I have had the carpet professionally cleaner several times, it just doesn't do it.

We both want to put new tile in the entire house. It should make it a bit cooler in eh summer too. It is very frustrating, and very embarrassing when we have people over. in fact, I don't invite people over too often just because of the carpet. i would love to have a few dinner parties, I have lots of plans! But it just will have to wait until the floors have been fixed. Ugh.

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