Monday, March 12, 2007

Stomach ace

Yuck, that food sits like a blob in my gut... Nut great at all... I am so tired of all this hit. I can't wait for April 15 to be over with. That is, if you didn't know, the offical end of tax season, usually the time when we get K back.

We both agreed yesterday we will do what we did last year: every weekend we will do a fun outing of some sort for an entire day. Last year we visited Egmont Key, went to some amusement parks, and so on.

I think we should try to get tickets for Disney on Ice in May, S would love that!

I wouldn't mind camping, but with my stomach like it is, it would have to be in a cabin in that case. We rented a cabin last May in the Myakka River State Park, it was way too hot, and very primitive. Maybe next time I can find something less "rustic". They usually don't allow dogs, but it would be pretty easy to sneak them in. Plus, we gotta have AC... And our own bathroom! It is hard to rought it when you have Crohn's.

The last time we went camping before that was way up in the panhandle, a 9 hour drive from here. It was very hot, we slept in our tent. Plus, it might have been a very beautiful beach front camp site, but it wasn't worth the long drive to get there. There were barley anything up there!

And of course, shortly after I realized I had a severe blood clot in my left leg, which could have been brought on by sitting for so long (I did however have surgery just before too). I have had problems with clots ever since now... One more thing to add to my "suck list"...

Over and out.

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